Whether you call your business a bar, dive, pub, tavern, or lounge, you’re in the business of selling drinks and providing a place for locals in the community to relax, socialize, and let loose. While this is an age-old business, marketing strategies for bars is anything but. Bars aren’t just competing with other bars anymore. You now compete with restaurants, nightclubs, bowling alleys, and other places of entertainment for business.

At Hotel Classic Tower, we work to understand the nature of your specific bar and the competition that you face in everyday business. We use innovative strategies to attract a targeted and localized customer segment into your bar to increase influence, reputation, and relationship within the community for you to increase business.

Your marketing consultant will work with you one-on-one to develop a custom marketing plan for your bar using a combination of strategies in advertising, social media, public relations, promotions, event marketing, and design specific to your needs to accomplish your marketing goals.

A Happy Hour promotion for your bar is a great way to increase business, attract new customers, and showcase your specialties. But, most of the time, simply having good Happy Hour times and specials are not enough to get the response you want to generate sales and encourage repeat business outside of Happy Hour.

While monitoring your social reputation on the streets and online is only a small part of social media marketing, it’s important to listen, respond, and adjust your strategy according to what is being said about your restaurant by your customers.

To run a successful Happy Hour promotion and accomplish your goals, you need to have a strategic marketing plan in place around your promotion and consider the following:




  • What local customer segment do you want to target for your Happy Hour?
  • Is your Happy Hour happening in times that make sense for this target customer?
  • How do you increase profitability by having strategic Happy Hour offers and times?
  • How do you effectively market your Happy Hour to your target customer?
  • Are you competing with any other Happy Hour offers from other local bars or restaurants?
  • Do you have a marketing strategy to encourage repeat business from customers you serve during your Happy Hour?
  • Do you have a marketing strategy to encourage repeat business from customers you serve during regular times to promote your Happy Hour?

While these are good general questions to consider, every bar will have a unique formula for a successful Happy Hour promotion. The key to success is knowing your target, making sure your promotion is profitable, and creatively marketing your Happy Hour.

HCT fully manages your bar promotions within your local community. Contact HCT now and set up a free consultation with a local marketing expert to find out more on how we do this for you!